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Brass Nuts Fight Wear

BNFW Legion "Fear Nothing" PVC/Rubber Patch

BNFW Legion "Fear Nothing" PVC/Rubber Patch

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PVC/rubber patch that pay homage to the Roman legionnaires of old. The Roman aquila (eagle) was the standard Roman soldiers followed into battle. Like our flag, it was never to be disgraced by falling into the hands of the enemy and was to be defended at all costs. It symbolized the might and power of ancient Rome, and represented the toughness and prowess of the soldiers behind it. Walk proud with this on your hat or gear. It features the Roman aquila with the BNFW logo underneath; a modern symbol of those who adhere to personal and professional standards of excellence in all walks of life.

3.5x2.5 inches

Hook backing for hook-and-loop-type adhesion to apparel/gear.

Hat not included.

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