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Tough As Brass Nuts

Brass Nuts Fight Wear is more than just clothing; it is a statement of who we are as a Tribe of like-minded individuals who seek to face the challenges life throws at us. Life is war; every day is battle. From the choices we face when we first wake up to the decisions we make throughout our day, to the challenges we face from within ourselves and from the world at large, seeking to choose the hard right over the easy wrong is not easy. It requires spiritual, mental, moral, and sometimes physical strength to persevere against unbelievable obstacles. Sometimes, ya just gotta be as tough as Brass Nuts....

Our apparel is just an outward statement of who you are inside. Wear it with pride.


The Original Nuts

Business on the front, mayhem on the back. Time to let 'em... 

Welcome to BNFW

My name is Scott Rampona, and BNFW is the result of my dream to have cool clothes and gear while making a positive impact on the world around me. What you see here is the result of my experiences as a veteran, a husband, a father, and a front-line healthcare worker. I lay no claim to fame, fortune, bravery, or perfection, but every day I strive to improve myself while raising my kids to be better than me, and to encourage others to live larger than themselves.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my site. We are brand new to the retail game, and will do our best to supply what you like and want suggestions for what you need. Be assured that already on all items I have lowered prices below recommended retail to give you the best possible prices on the best and most unique stuff that me and my better half could create. I have quite a few things listed but know there is a lot of stuff in the pipeline that will soon be up for your perusal. Clothing for all athletic pursuits, not just martial arts will be posted. I like to think of this website as more than a store but also as a journey. Soon, I plan on having visual/video posts, and already I am posting an edifying quote of the week and thought of the day, as well as general musings you may (or may not) like. Regardless, we specialize in good stuff and hope that in the future BNFW will be front and center for your coolest clothing needs.