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Brass Nuts Fight Wear

BNFW Legion Gi

BNFW Legion Gi

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Brass Nuts Fight Wear first gi; this is the BNFW Legion. Its namesake comes from the Roman Legionary—the grunt of the Roman Army. With the best training and gear, they kept Rome intact as an empire for a thousand years. Armored with your training and the best gear out there, compete at a lethal level. All kimonos ALWAYS sport the American flag; the BNFW Legion has the Roman eagle on the left sleeve and back. On the front the official Brass Nuts Fight Wear logo and Brass Nuts Tough Gear for Tough people, as well as the Latin translation of Fear Nothing. On the back, the kimono has the Brass Nuts logo and Fear Nothing patches. On the pants a Brass Nuts Fight Wear and Fear Nothing patches are placed, as well as the Brass Nuts logo on the lower right leg. We have this gi in white and black. No generic patches here; they convey the spirits of discipline, toughness and fortitude that win victories not only on the mat but in life. Roll hard!


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